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"A Partnership For Family & Community Empowerment."

Programs & Services

Established over 20 years ago as a child welfare reform agency, the NHFA employs multiple approaches to reach its goal of improving children's developmental outcomes. NHFA helps families become financially self-reliant, promote their physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being, and increase their capacity to guide and nurture their children. The process of coalition building and systems change to support healthy families is part of the agency's core mission. The NHFA holistic intervention model has proved highly effective in meeting the needs of very low income urban children by connecting parents to their children and reconstructing parents and families to their communities.

Project Success

                                                   is a work-based learning program that will serve youth offenders who are experiencing significant barriers to attaining academic success and lack life and job readiness skills to obtaining employment.

New Haven Street Outreach

                                                                                         is a community crime prevention program designed to provide interventions and deterrents to youth violence.

Moving To Work

                                                     is a 24 hour, 5 day a week employment preparation and vocational education program that prepares participants for the labor force.

Juvenile Review Board

                                                                        is a program to divert juvenile offenders from the formal juvenile justice system.

The Male Involvement Network

                                                                                                    is a coalition of service providers and institutional partners with a new, comprehensive approach to working with fathers to acheive positive developmental outcomes for their children.

Intensive Family Preservation

                                                                                               is a partnership with Yale Child Study Center. This unit responds to findings of parental abuse or neglect by the Department of Children and Families by improving parent's capacity to care for their children.


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New Haven Family Alliance
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