About Us


 We're a creative integrated marketing and web design agency located in New Haven, Connecticut.  

We are the friendly company where technology meets the creative process. 

Our Approach...

​Our approach is simple. Be FRIENDLY... Be CREATIVE and research the market.  We use creative concepts and research to accomplish your business goals. We get to know you and your consumer base. Our client's best interest and budget are always kept in the forefront of each individual project or campaign development. We work hard to make sure your project represents your business or agency well. It is to speak your brands language. 

Our Story...


Integrated Marketing and Design Services (IMDS), formerly Newsom's Marketing, was founded in 1997 in New Haven, Connecticut. Newsom's Marketing began offering its MARKETING, BUSINESS CONSULTING, WEB DESIGN and PUBLIC RELATION SERVICES to local community businesses and charity based organizations. The name was changed in 2006 to Integrated Marketing and Design Services to better reflect the company's growth, marketing, and technical abilities. We are an integrated marketing & web design agency located in New Haven, Connecticut.



"Don't Grow Weary In Doing Well."

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