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"A Partnership For Family & Community Empowerment."

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Welcome to NHFA

Welcome to the New Haven Family Alliance website. We hope that you get to know the New Haven Family Alliance and join us in our efforts to strengthen families and communities in New Haven. NHFA operates on the principle that children are safer and families are stronger when communities work together and parents feel recognized and supported for their efforts to keep children safe, healthy and learning. The NHFA has three central beliefs:


(1) Empowering families and building on their strengths, nurtures healthy family functioning that keeps families together in their communities.


(2) Integrating natural supports within the community foster self-reliance. 


(3) Strong, healthy families can be their own advocates and can help reform systems to meet family needs.

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New Haven Family Alliance
230 Ashmun Street
New Haven, CT 06511
Phone: 203.786.5970
Fax: 203.777.5839
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